Will Malpractice Cases Increase for Connecticut’s Home Health Care Industry?

Several forces are joining together that will expand the property medical care industry in Connecticut.
Governor Malloy is expanding the MFP ( Money Follows the Person) program. This is a federal reform program that aims to cut back the volume of patients on Medicaid in expensive institutional healthcare settings. It targets moving people away from long-term care facilities and placing it inside their homes where most seniors would rather reside. The Connecticut legislature has approved new regulations for your home medical care industry that will allow nurses to delegate medication administration to home health aides that are working with patients in their homes. All of these changes are designed to benefit the elderly and to improve standard of living and expand the aged population that could reside at home with assistance. These are all positive things for health challenged individuals, offering the proper community support can be obtained. This was incorrect if the state decided that mental health patients belonged in the community and never in chronic care facilities. Community support was grossly inadequate within the 1980s once the state deinstitutionalized patients from psychiatric hospitals, producing disastrous recent results for many communities and individuals. Hopefully this most recent want to transition people to the community has had under consideration the requirement of expanded home medical services.
A second shift inside the state’s public health policy containing did start to effect the home healthcare industry is inside the division of informed risk. Informed risk is basically a policy stating that someone who might not be deemed safe to stay in your house is able to remain in your own home providing patient and family acknowledge that this patient are at greater risk of injury in your own home instead of a facility. It is an honoring in the patient’s wishes instead of what the agency can experience is the foremost plan of care to the individual. Up until recently if someone was deemed unsafe within their home environment the property care agency wouldn’t normally support the person remaining in your own home. In other words they might won’t provide services. Now the state is rolling out keeping people at risk within their homes, providing that they’re mentally sound, and they’ve acknowledged the fact they are assuming and the higher chances by staying in your own home.
Even with good agency oversight it really is inevitable why these shifts regarding informed risk and allowing non nurses to offer medications will bring about an boost in injuries, accidental overdoses, misuse of medications as well as negligence and/or abuse. this website will have to carefully document risk assessment and delegation of duties. Careful monitoring and good case management may help minimize errors and limit abuse and neglect with this population however the property care market is sure to have an surge in liability hence the potential of increasing nursing malpractice claims.
With the first wave of baby boomers starting to retire, the volume of seniors in Connecticut is constantly on the expand. The need for experienced home medical experts continues to develop as well.

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