The way You can Boost your Writing with WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker

WhiteSmoke’s talks about its grammar checker as “a tool which often edits and for enhances your writing”. With this evaluation, we’ll investigate those claims and find out where it comes out.

WhiteSmoke’s basic product is its General Version and that expenses for $79 and runs using the Mac or PC.

WhiteSmoke is really three things rolled into one particular software program package:

A spell checker
A grammar checker
A writing enhancement tool WhiteSmoke was developed after studying millions of sentences and phrases, looking for patterns of spelling and grammar errors, and also solutions to boost a portion of written text with using adjectives or adverbs. This intelligence was employed to build WhiteSmoke’s grammar database, in addition to this is the core of WhiteSmoke.
WhiteSmoke will check your writing either during or perhaps after you take action. WhiteSmoke sends your information to its grammar database where it analyzes it before sending back suggestions. Although this appears to be time consuming, in truth, you are not even conscious it’s happening, because it happens really quickly.

WhiteSmoke’s spellchecker and grammar check er are great. The grammar checker looks for dozens of grammatical errors for example missing words, missing periods, mismatched tenses, and also contextual spelling, where you spell a word correctly although it’s not the right one for the given circumstances.

For example, if you wrote “I except this gift”, WhiteSmoke would propose “I accept this particular gift”. The sophistication of WhiteSmoke is highlighted by this example. For starters, it recognized that “except” was spelled correctly, after which it observed that “except” is never preceded by “I”.

Lastly, it worked out that you truly meant “accept”. Therefore somewhere in WhiteSmoke’s grammar database, it must have a “sounds like” section which it calls on to resolve situations like this one.

WhiteSmoke’s “text enhancement” functionality is where it sets itself apart from some other grammar products. “Text enhancement” signifies that WhiteSmoke will add adjectives or maybe adverbs in your writing to improve it.

Compare “I have an issue” with “I have a significant issue”. Or maybe “I feel I can” versus “I strongly think I can.” In both situations, WhiteSmoke has improved on that which was developed, resulting in your writing sounding so much better.

In case you think about this for a minute, you’ll see WhiteSmoke is not just a spell and grammar checker. It’s a tool that allows you increase your writing by first eliminating spelling and grammar mistakes, after which helping you to “punch” up your work making it sound a lot more impressive. The collaboration of spellchecker, grammar checker, and text enhancement make WhiteSmoke really worth checking out if writing is an essential part of your work.

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