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Symptoms of Erbs Palsy

Erbs palsy results from injury to nerve roots and affects muscles of the arm and shoulder. The symptoms of Erbs palsy can be seen immediately or very soon after birth.

The common symptoms include:

Infant is unable to move the upper or lower arm and/or hand from the shoulder

Arm is limp, bent at elbow and held against the body

Decreased grip due to weaker arm is noticed on the affected side

Infant is unable to rotate the arm externally from the shoulder

Partial or complete arm paralysis

Loss of motor and/or sensory function over lateral proximal upper arm

Paralysis of hemidiaphragm (phrenic nerve dysfunction caused by the third and fourth cranial nerve damage)

Arm numbness due to brachial plexus nerve damage

Atrophy of muscles in the arm

Impaired muscular, nervous, and circulatory development

Inability for temperature regulation due to poor circulatory system

The classical sign of Erb's palsy is called the waiters tip posture causing the arm to hang limply from the shoulder. This sign is the result of damage to the biceps muscle causing loss of power of flexion in the elbow.