How Bible Study Differs From Bible Reading

Every genuine Christian wants to have a far more meaningful private Bible study, to realize the Bible better. While learning the Bible is the joyful task of a lifetime, I’d love to provide several ideas which can improve your Bible studies.

Bible Reading vs. Bible Study

To begin with, recognize that Bible study and bible reading are both important, but different. In order to grow, you have to read through the Bible every day within your time with God — the devotions of yours or perhaps quiet time. During this daily time with God I recommend prayer, wide Bible reading, praise, thanksgiving, confession, and meditation — these’re methods to meet God with your spirit. Bible reading is one way of letting God renew the spirit of yours and speak to the brain of yours.

If you want to find out the Bible, I recommend you read broadly rather than narrowly. A one verse devotional may be quick, though it won’t actually help you understand the Bible. I try out each and every morning to read one chapter from the Old Testament, one chapter from Proverbs or psalms, and one chapter from the New Testament. In case I’m consistent, this can get me through the Old Testament when annually along with the New Testament twice. Dios ‘s an instance of wide reading and also takes 5 to 10 minutes 1 day — 15 minutes if the day’s chapters are long.

But Bible reading within your daily devotions need to be separate from your times of Bible study. Permit me to explain.

Blocks of Time for In-Depth Bible Study

Bible study, as opposed to reading, concentrates on one topic, Bible character, or publication of the Bible for closer study.

For example, right now in the New Testament I’m reading the Epistle to the Hebrews. I am realizing that though I have looked over it a number of times, I have to dig in and figure out what it’s truly saying. That is where Bible study comes in. A long block of uninterrupted time is taken by bible study. Perhaps you’ll set aside 30 to forty five minutes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for in depth Bible study, or one hour on Saturday mornings before the family is set up — or perhaps longer. Blocks of time are crucial to Bible study.

Do not Forget the Most critical Step

It’s accomplishable to be so immersed in Bible study you forget the most essential purpose of Bible study. It’s not Bible knowledge for its own sake and neither being able to quote verses and also recite orthodox doctrine. Ultimately, the purpose of Bible study is to learn just what the Bible shows so that you can apply the lessons of its to your wardrobe.

Possibly the most simplistic procedure for Bible study is to use the three basic inductive Bible study questions to ask of a Bible passage:

What does it state?
What did it entail to those reading it in Bible times?
What does it mean to me as I need to apply it to my everyday living?
My prayer is which your Bible study results in a heart which is tender to enjoy what the Spirit is saying to you through Scripture and a will that is determined to live out in your everyday life what you are learning.

Dr. Ralph F. Wilson has pioneered Bible study on the web after 1996 with his JesusWalk Bible Study series ( The site provides much more than a much more than a dozen no cost interactive online Bible studies, plus books and DVDs developed for private and group study.

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