Diving With Sharks Is not as Scary As you may Think

Have you ever wondered what it really would be like to dive with sharks although you can’t conquer the fear? Have you actually baulked at the thought of learning how to scuba dive as you are fearful of running into a single? Is the single expertise of yours of sharks taken from motion pictures as Jaws? If this’s you then you seriously need to reconsider not jumping in the water.

I consider myself fortunate, I get to jump with sharks everyday through my job for a public aquarium. Therefore regularly, I get to socialize with Hammerhead sharks, Sandbar Whaler sharks, Brown banded bamboo sharks, tawny nurse sharks and perhaps most particular of all – an endangered grey nurse shark. I have dived with black and white reef tip sharks in tropical island locations and with great whites (from a cage) in South Australia.

Sharks are stunning and amazing creatures. They have survived for millions of years… also it is not as they are serious about people that are eating . The reason sharks have made it for such a long time is because they’re really technically suited to their immediate environment.

Unlike some other fish, sharks have no swim bladder to regulate their buoyancy however, they will have quite fatty livers which help them maintain their role in the water column. A huge bonus of not having a swim bladder is the shark is not prone to adjusting pressure thereby making it possible for the shark to swim up through the depths at speed that is great without fear of rupturing the delicate gas filled bladder.

They’ve reasonably good eyesight and hearing along with a lateral line device that enables them to detect movement and vibration in the water. Some sharks like the fantastic white can actually diagnose the tiniest variety of blood in the water. The long and also the short of it is… a shark is likely to look at you properly before you see it – particularly in case you are scuba diving.

But here’s the thing: the statistics have found that you’re more apt to die from a bee sting, a car crash or by working with a vending machine slipping on you than being attacked by a shark.

Naturally you generally must use good sense and try to speak with the locals about the regional wildlife and circumstances before you start looking into any fresh area and if in doubt… don’t dive. You are entering the shark’s environment and that need to usually be regarded.

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Sharks are currently struggling with a monumental battle to survive. They are being overfished for their meat as well as for the fins of theirs. Sharks are animals that are amazing to discover in the all natural environment of theirs and you also can’t help but respect them. They need to become protected and once you have the opportunity to see them in the countryside, you are able to gain an even better appreciation of these animals rather than believing all the poor press they get.

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